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Review of "Chinga" written by Carly

An Evil Doll, the Hokey Pokey, and Spoiled Orange Juice

I'm afraid I don't know the name of this episode, but I thought it was very good. And funny. Although there were only 4 scenes with Mulder, three of which he was on the phone with Scully, they were all memorable. I did have a slight problem with the story line, though. It was the standard "evil doll" story: they find a doll, a little girl gets the doll, the doll kills people the little girl doesn't like, they think they've destroyed the doll when, low and behold, someone else finds it and it opens its eyes. But it was good.

Stuff to Think About

The World's Deadliest Swarms: If that's REALLY what he was watching at first...

Mulder's Proposal: since I'm a Semi-Shipper, I thought he was serious at first

The "Construction Workers Working Right Outside the Window"

The spoiled orange juice: expiration date OCT 97

The Hokey Pokey: Me and my friends sung it for a week after. It's not a bad song.

Mulder thought there was a scientific explanation, Scully thought there wasn't: That's happened a lot lately.

"Let's Have Fun!" that doll scared the crap out of me. I hate dolls, especially evil ones

The dead people before they were dead: they scared me, too

"You Mean like Chuckie?"

"Check the Back of the Doll for a Plastic Ring": Then Scully hung up on him

Why can you play with the hammer when you can't play with knives?

And why in the world did Scully go for the doll instead of trying to take the hammer from Melissa? Stupidity leak, Scully!

Mulder's perfectly sharpened pencils, and all the work that Mulder got done because there was no "incessant meddling and questioning" into everything he did.

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