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This is a review of the US5 episode "Bad Blood".

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Comments expressed here are not necesarily those of myself, or anyone else. The episode "Bad Blood" is property of FOX, 1013, and whoever it is that wrote it. No infringement is intended.

Untied Shoes, Magic Fingers and Buck Teeth

I don't have this whole episode on tape, because someone kept distracting me while I was trying to find a tape to record it on, but it is probably one of my favorite episodes. It was so funny! Especially the Shaft thing. It's always funny when they sing.

Stuff to Think About

Mulder's "big breakthrough... whatever"

"Do you have an old cemetery, off the beaten path, the creepier the better?" Something about that cracked me up.

"Large intestine, 890 grams, yaddi yaddi yadda" She just went through that autopsy like it was nothing

I was just wondering, how in the world could the remains of pizza in a dead guys stomach sound "really good"?

Chloral Hydrate: that thing that Mulder was looking for that he didn't know he was looking for.

But I just put money in the magic fingers!: She was so whiny!

When the large intestine started to fall out of the scale: It looked so gross!

"Chloral hydrates in the pizza. The pizza guy. Mulder!"

"SHAFT!": That was so funny! When I saw it I couldn't stop laughing. I still laugh whenever I see it.

Scully, the echo: "No examine's been done?" "No examine's been done?"

"Obsessive. Like Rainman!": Their little conversation about obsessive compulsive disorder was funny

Why did he hang on to the back of the RV?: Even though "shooting out the tires on a runaway RV is a lot harder than it looks" how would hanging on to it be easier?

"Y'know I haven't even eaten since 6 o'clock this morning and all that was was half of a cream cheese bagel and it wasn't even real cream cheese it was light cream cheese.": Who knew Scully could speed talk?

"Just keep reminding him you were drugged": Then he yelled I was drugged! when Skinner came to talk to them. Funny stuff.

"Don't say I never did nothin' for ya"

A tip from me: If you are surrounded by vampires and your holding up a breadstick cross and it doesn't work, then run, don't just stand there! (stupidity leak, Mulder!)

"That is essentially, exactly how it happened." "Essentially" ("Except for the part about the buck teeth.")

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